Bid Day 2016

well, Lawrence KS is finally starting to feel like home. A week into college and it is finally starting to feel a little less like summer camp and a lot more like school. (which as nerdy as this is, I am SO excited for SCHOOL.) Recruitment week was full of sweaty bus rides with 4 girls to a seat, standing in LOTS of alphabetical lines, and so much hand shaking I felt like a straight celebrity. After 5 days of the most intense and sleep deprived week of my life, I found my final home away from home at Alpha Chi Omega. The process is so individual and different for everyone, but I am thrilled to find a group of girls so welcoming and genuine. Bid Day was better than Christmas, like I had heard it would be, and I am super duper in love with all the girls I have met so far!


until next time, xoxo,


eeeeep I’m here!

Quick little update on why I have been utterly MIA lately: COLLEGE! EEEEEP! It has finally arrived and I am absolutely in love (For the less than 28 hours that I have been here!) Rush started today (Monday) and bid day is Saturday! Until then I will most likely be peeing my pants with nerves and excitement (and bc my bladder is the size of a pea) and having the time of my life in between! Until then, welcome to xoxoallisonnicole meets college:

Until Bid Day, xoxo,


links i love 8/5/16



AUGUST?!?! no way I don’t believe you. whether you believe it or not lie me (I don’t), the 8th month of the year is here!!!! With that being said, let’s hop straight into some August Friday links!

1// So i absolutely don’t trust myself with anything other than the Lifeproof case currently on my phone after a little incident that ended with my phone in the pool…but for those of you without the clumsy gene…THESE Draper James cases are the sweetest southern things I ever did see.

2// you bet your butter beer I hit up my local Barnes & Nobles midnight premier of the latest edition to my Harry Potter book collection. (yes I waited in line until past 1 am for my $25 book that they had hundreds of copies at in Target the next day for $18 but it’s for the experience okay?) If you want the book still, HEREย it is on Amazon!ย 

3// Speaking of Amazon…there are a whole heck of a ton of deals if you’re a student when it comes to Amazon Prime, GO take advantage of them!!!

4// SO Misty Copeland is basically everything I ever strive to be in a woman and the girl got married. The pictures are to die for and if you haven’t read articles featuring her or watched her dance….i suggest you spend some time doing so and you’ll be just as in love as i am!

5// I’ve raved about my favorite local boutique over and over but they have an online store as well so you all aren’t left out and THIS ROMPER!!!!!!!

6// I never really got into Pretty Little Liars after one of the main girls and I shared a name and I got all creeped out to the max…but this is a super interesting article on that specific girl’s style inspo!

7// self promo that I made a Twitter to connect with you all super quick and easily so follow that over at @xoallisonnicole!!!!

8//ย literally IN LOVE with these sneakers…if only they were about $700 less….

9// How DARLING does Kate look in this outfit?! I love!

10// Are you going to be watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies tonight?! I’m a totally Olympic and USA jukie and have had the app on my phone for a week already…let me know what YOUR favorite events are to watch in the comments!

until next time, xoxo, Ally

polo and denim? what like it’s hard?

Legally Blonde quotes as blog post titles are the only titles I’m allowing over here on da bloggity from now on I think…kidding, but if it were doable…totally not kidding.

I am in LOVE with Gap lately, as I usually am, and at the beginning of the summer they had ALL their shorts for $20. yeah. you heard that right. So of course I picked up a pari (or 3…) and these denim ones were my first choice by far. I struggle with finding a decent pair of denim shorts every summer, mainly because i am very picky when it comes to one of the most uncomfortable materials to wear on your booty, and am STILL searching around for a pretty basic pair, but as for fun, these one’s hit the spot for sure. This little shoot was so fun downtown and getting to vibe out my inner modern Elle Woods, work a lot play a lot dress great…a lot. I’m not much of a straight slicked pony kinda gal, but the heat was calling for it and it ended up semi cute! thoughts? As for this shirt, men’s section polo button ups are my guilty pleasure and I throw them on over chinos in the summer and jeans in the winter and they seriously go with everything. plus, pink seersucker….



{cute shot of me when my picture taker tells me she’s actually trying to take a picture of the dogs behind me}

until next time, xoxo, Ally

jello mac’n’cheese


Hey there friends. First off, is there really a proper way to spell macncheese? Please update me on this ASAP because I was having straight anxiety and googled multiple sources that gave me multiple different answers so let’s figure out the right way to let others know we’re chatting about cheesy goodness as soon as we can thank you.

ANYWAYS: I’m in the mood to write today so I thought I would update you on my life.

AI got my wisdom teeth out last Thursday and all went well for the most part, no awful swelling (that my friends were highly disappointed about), not too severe of pain, and I gratefully don’t remember a thing besides closing my eyes when they started to use my body as a table for all of the sharp and shiny objects they planned on maneuvering around my mouth for the next hour or so. A lot of soft foods (mashed potatoes, blended soup, lots and lots of fray and smoothies) later I’ve come to realize: I really don’t enjoy soft foods. Besides froyo, in which i could eat for the rest of my life I think. ( i know ) It is not until you can’t have it that you really really really want a thing such as croutons. I don’t even like croutons?!?!??!?!

Last week I also got the whole week off from nannying and doing non work things, not that I can hardly call nannying “work” but, was refreshing as heck. Getting to blog shoot some pics, sleep in, oh and the whole removing my teeth business all got done and I didn’t even have a carseat in my car the entire week: magical.

Oh okay so onto the title of this post. I am BACK to nannying this week (I almost kinda missed the little booger.) I grabbed my nanny tote (I’m awful but love myself) Monday morning and realized what I had become this summer. The bottom was lined with bandaid wrappers, a few scattered scared alone Shopkins (we will get to this), too many crayons to count, and old coloring pages. hahahahah. love it.

Long story short, I happened to have two girlies yesterday and we could’t leave the house because I didn’t have two carseats in my car (1-120 how much do I sound like a straight mom.) I want two kids ALL the time I think. I am still kinda sore in my tooth holes and was exhausted as heck from working late the night before and the two nuggets played together ALL day with their Shopkins…these things amaze me. They’re this crazy kid craze right now and they’re literally just tiny plastic food with faces….don’t ask me how this isn’t totally creepy because I have NO idea.

Anyways, jello and the word I can’t spell was lunch and being the fab nanny I am, after they were done I snuck a bite of their leftovers only to realize they decided to be bold and MIX the two together. Considering they had orange jello it mixed right on in with the cheese and I stood there just taking it all in for a minute before I couldn’t help laughing to myself at kids in general. Who woulda thought. jello cheese noodles, and they devoured them. and I guess so did I. I didn’t even know how badly I needed ย the little laugh to shake me from my tired funk and got me realizing we all need a little cheese jello in our lives. I think it was sorta God in His own little way saying haha I won you can’t stay tired and not feeling anything for any longer. Next time can we make that in the form of like…idk…a random unexpected bite of cheesecake big guy? thanks in advance.

All in all, don’t be afraid to relax and forget about the huge things in life and to laugh at things that make you laugh. Sometimes, and this sounds silly, I almost get so caught up in the big girl world I live of working all the time and preparing for college (so big girl I know) that I almost feel weird spending time doing things for myself or taking things light heartedly. We are never too big girl for laughs, so use a whole lotta them.

all my love, hugs, and jello, Ally (and Eme)

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links I love 7/15/16


1// I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday and luckily I am not in too severe of pain and the swelling is super minimal. However if you have any tips for later recovery, make sure to hit me up in the comments or shoot me an email,

2// for someone who is IN LOVE with ice cream quite like myself, this is the absolute cutest thing , &&&&&&&& it’s currently under $10!

3// my dad has been making super simple, but super yummy, crepes for my family ever since we were younger. as much as i love fruit crepes, he usually just sticks with butter and cinnamon and sugar and they’re AMAZING. here is a simple batter recipe so you can try your own at home!

4// I worked with 212 West a few posts back and their new lake collection is out and i am in love! You get 10% off your purchase! if you happened to miss my last post, check it out here!

5// have you ever heard of a 101 in 1001 list?! they’re super fun and motivating to do things you’ve always wanted to! look into them and maybe check out mine for some inpso! then share yours with me when you have it ready!

6// I have been OBSESSED with Young & Hungry lately while being stuck in bed because of my lack of wisdom teeth. It is on Netflix and you need to check it out if you haven’t already!

7// I have been eyeing this style of Free People dress for the longest time, and finding it in this crimson color makes me feel almost obliged to buy it for KU football games!

8// Like everyone else, I am dead over the cuteness of the pom pom sandal trend, and Amy styles hers just fabulously!

9// Sugar Paper has been one of my favorite office brands since Andie got me a notebook from them two years ago for Christmas & them teaming up with target…uh…hello? perfection.

10// want a pen pal or are you just another blogger obsessed with snail mail like i am! hit me up via email or any of my social medias if you wanna get to chattin!

happy friday friends! until next time,

xoxo, Ally

heart eyes for summer


so guilty secret, I’ve had these shorts for two years and I think I’ve worn them more than a major of the socks that I own. & for someone who can’t fall asleep without socks on (I’m awful I know), that’s a lot of socks. The basic old time Lilly print is absolutely my favorite considering you literally can’t go wrong with the classic pink & green. Nothing says summer quite like it. As for this shirt, I picked it up in KC back over spring time and i LOVE it to pieces. it’s so easy to wear plain with any type of shorts, or I’ve also been adoring pairing it with colored denim. also it is comfy as heck and a half so that’s always a plus! As for my heart sunnies, I usually can’t find a ton of goodies in Urban Outfitters that are my style, but I have been looking around for a pair just like these and when I found them just browsing around i knew it was fate. I ended up wandering around the store for a bit and stepped out of my comfort fashion zone and actually found a few cute pieces I may pick up before college.

Big thanks to my “shanager” Shan for shooting with me in some real fun humidity yesterday. all the love to ya.

until next time, xoxo, Ally